Writings on the War

We Remember the Unknown Soldier
And His unsung acts of valour.

Jekyll Problems

24 September 2013
I have been having problems with Jekyll abd have been unable to post anything here. At some point, at some time, I will probably change this website, holding on to the old posts though, but for now I do not know when this will happen, as I am currently at uni.


06 June 2013
D-Day was an important turning point in the Second World War and saw a large allied offensive that swept through Europe towards Berlin as the USSR came in from the East. Read on →

The Devil's Playground (1936-1939)

14 March 2013
The Spanish Civil war, a war of destruction and horror for a country, ripping it apart in an unforgetable conflict that would change history forever. The Spanish Civil war has also been an inspiration for artists and authors, man who took part in it; forcibly or by choice. Read on →


04 March 2013
I wish to apologise to my very few readers for a rather long period of no posts. There are two excuses, and they are valid in my eyes, so here they are in this post. Read on →

Guillaume Apollinaire

29 January 2013
Guillaume Apollinaire (1880–1918) is a famous french surrealist poet. He is the one that coined the term 'surrealism' and is remembered mostly for his calligrammes, poems written in the shape of an object. Read on →